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~Can't remember if I shared this one yet or not: A stole something from the store yesterday... so I get to go with him to return it later today. When I told him he was in trouble, he asked, "You're not going to call the police are you??" And before I could say anything, E looks forlornly at him and says, "Yeah, she is."

~October 29th, 2013
Our littlest boy hasn't been on here yet. And he's pretty cute. So he get's a spot. A.M is still drinking out of a bottle. He's 13-months-old and still attached to the things. I went into the kitchen to give him some milk since he was all sorts of annoyed at me. When I gave him his bottle, he grabbed it, and walked out the the kitchen, laughing triumphantly like some evil little elf that had just pulled one over on someone. :)

~October 2013
E rubbed toothpaste all over my just cleaned bathroom counter tonight. We'll forget right now that this means most of his teeth did not get cleaned, because all of the toothpaste was on my counter. I was pretty ticked and feeling fairly justified in my anger since he does this ALL the time. I snapped at him to clean it up and to not rub toothpaste all over my house! (yes I have found it rubbed on my walls before.) He yells back at me: This is not your house! Everything belongs to Jesus!

~August 2013
Papa K and my cute oldest boy, A and cute middle son E went shopping while he was watching them for us. Each got to push their own little shopping cart. A was the only one with something in his cart, milk. Both boys, being my kids of course, were running all over the grocery story. So Papa asked them to slow down. A says to Papa, "I know, if I go too fast, I'll turn the milk to butter."

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Diapers and a Cape

I wish I had a picture of this, but a short little story will have to do, especially since it was just a little moment I want to share. A perfect little moment.

We live at the end of a row of townhouses and our mailbox just happens to be at the opposite end of this row. It's a good 2-300 yard walk to then end. I'm not good with estimating distance. I just know it's a long walk.

I took baby girl with me today to get the mail. It was a bit windy and fairly brisk, so by the time I'd gotten the mail and was heading back, I walked with the serious purpose of getting back into the house.

I made it about halfway home when at the end of the walk I see and hear a little person asking, "Wah, you dooeeeng Ma?" This little person just happened to be cutie number 3 in our family. He was standing there at our porch with only a diaper and a black breast cover converted cape, blowing in the wind from his shoulders.

"Go back inside D*****. It's cold!" I called at him since we were still a good 15 houses away. He smiled big at me and stepped further out of the house.

I increased my pace with the intent of getting his little booty back inside before he got too cold. Although, he seemed unphased by the cold wind that was giving me serious goosebumps (And I was fully clothed!). He stepped off our front porch and stood fully on the sidewalk, facing me, "I ge' you Ma!!"

Then with those two-year-old little feet, he began to run at me, his breast cover cape blowing perfectly in the wind. His toddler belly sticking out nice and round, the scar from his surgery apparent to me; my constant reminder that I am blessed to have him here with me today. His smile spread from ear to ear, and he yelled with joy as he got closer to baby girl and I.

And then I knelt down, opened my free arm and braced for collision, because this boy does not have a slow down button. He collided with my body, squealing with joy and hugged me tight.

I wrapped the cape around his back and held him, baby girl, and the mail close to my body. He kept his arms wrapped around my neck and rested his head against my shoulder. It was perfect. This little moment. Perfect.

And cold.

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